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25 Feb

Horse racing and 6 course dinner – 29th March

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Continuing with an exploration of the seven sins, the Queens Court Hotel are delving into the world of ‘greed’, with a delicious 6 course taster menu combined with an evening of exciting horse racing.

Dinner details

The 6 course dinner will start at 7.30pm on Saturday 29th March, with the horse races run in-between each course. The dinner menu is available here.

Ticket price

Tickets for each person are £30; which includes your 6 course dinner and an evening of action packed horse racing. And if you are lucky, you will leave with more than you paid for your ticket!

How does the horse racing work?

Horse races from across the country have been recorded, including chariot races, flat races and jump races; and they all feature a minimum of 6 horses. Between each course, the races are then played back on a big screen.

All bets are taken before the race starts, with no bets being taken during the race. No-one at the Queens Court knows which race will be shown prior to it appearing, so no-one can give you tips on which horse will win!

When betting, you can choose to bet on one horse or all of them – you can even bet more than once on the same horse. Each bet costs £1. Once the race is won, all the bets are added up. Then each winning ticket wins a share of the pot; the Queens Court Hotel do not take any money from the betting.

So as an example; if the total pot is £200 and there are 5 winning tickets, each ticket wins £40. So that might be 5 different people each with one ticket, or one person with all 5 tickets – good return on a fiver!

The total pot for each race will vary depending on the number of people betting; and you are not told how many people have chosen the same number as you during the betting – unless you have a keen eye and ear and can spot all the other diners betting.

So don’t forget to bring some cash – the Queens Court Hotel will provide some change for notes, although any pound coins you have will be useful too.

How to book

Please email us at or call us on 01392 272709.

26 Jan

Valentine’s ‘Lust’ Ball – Sat. Feb 15th

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valentines-champagne-queens-court-hotelValentine’s Day – the celebration of our most powerful emotion, love. In Slovenia, a proverb describes how St. Valentine “brings the keys of roots and plants”, which are traditionally considered to start to grow on this day. Here at the Queens Court Hotel, Exeter we also believe that St. Valentine’s brings the root of love to our lives, and it is this root of love that we want to invite you to celebrate.

Some of us are lucky to already be in love – and some of us are still searching for the right partner. But in either case, there is always a need for a moment of rekindling; a moment where we need a spark to drive us forward. And that is what we are going to celebrate; the root of love…lust. Lust is to love as the seed is to the shoot; exploding energy, driving it forward through the dark soil into the air and light above.

And once the lust subsides, we are left with the beauty of love; as the spring flowers emerge and blossom, so too does our love emerge and blossom from lust. So come join us and let’s celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Exeter with the Queens Court’s first party of 2014 exploring Love and Lust!

The Valentines Ball – ‘Lust’

canapes-queens-court-hotelLust is the first in our Seven Deadly Sins events. Tickets are just £15, which include free sinful cocktails and signature canapés. The evening will commence with a display of magic and trickery, followed by trust exercises, a photo booth area (you can see photos from the last event here), and a special guest appearance of a team of exotic unicorns – fresh from London. “The concept of the visiting unicorns sums us up to perfection,” says Paul. “They are seen as pure creatures, and yet Shaft (head unicorn) and his team absolutely ooze sexuality and forbidden love.” After this DJ Mark Bailey will be playing for your listening pleasure.

The private function space at Queens Court is an unrivalled one.  The sound proofed subterranean level has a private bar and entrance, and can accommodate 60 seated guests.

Doors open at 8.30pm for a 9pm kick-off. And please don’t be late, as this Valentine’s Day event is a celebration of the senses, with surprises and delights in store…and we wouldn’t want you to miss any of it!

The Queens Court Valentine’s event

We recommend you also join us for our special Valentine’s Day dinner, in the restaurant above, before the Valentine’s Ball event. Here, your taste buds will be treated with a 6-course dinner; and from there you can descend the stairs to explore your senses and emotions in our Valentine’s Ball.

Ticket bookings

Tickets are only £15 for a night of sensual entertainment.
Spaces are limited to only 60 guests, so please RSVP quickly to reserve your space via email:

15 Jan

The Welcome Party

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60 guests attended the first in a series of sophisticated parties that we are hosting. We used this kick off event ‘The Welcome Party’, to introduce our hotel as more than just a boutique hotel – as an exciting events venue with a unique offering that is hard to find elsewhere in Exeter. And what an evening we had!

Fire dancers at the Welcome Party

Fire dancers at the Welcome Party

Two of our waitresses welcomed the guests by showing off their hidden fire dancing talents and juggling fire torches high up in the air, lighting up the night sky in front of the hotel.  After this, came food demonstrations and tasting, free cocktails, a raffle and more. All guests were also given a loyalty card with credit to use at the hotel after the event.

We wanted to extend our signature boutique chic style and love of surprises to themed evenings for over 21s. We were inundated with requests for tickets and could not accommodate everyone as 60 is our event capacity; however, this shows that there is a gap in the market for sophisticated evenings for those who aren’t 21 anymore, but still want to go out and have a good time.

Complementary cocktails flying off the bar were served with panache and style. Representing were our signature cocktails ‘the dark rush’ and the ‘blushing queen’ matched with delicious Hors d’oeuvre created by Chef Knockton and his team.

We then went down into our Nudo Lounge for introductions from me, Paul Bowring about our Queens Court Hotel and Olive Tree Restaurant and how the evening is an illustrates our commitment and dedication to the product. This event was the start of many to come.

Canapes at the Welcome Party

Canapes at the Welcome Party

Here at The Queens Court Hotel we want to extend our signature style and love of surprises by hosting a series of themed evening events,entitled ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’. The first will be on Valentine’s Day, and we will toy with the concept of lust and love.

These events are designed to create an antidote to life’s shades of grey; targeting the over 21s they will encapsulate sophisticated pleasure, fulfilling a gap in Exeter’s entertainment market.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event soon.